Antoine Vanner, author of Dawlish Chronicles, to appear at Leviathan

Antoine Vanner, author of the soon to be four-part Dawlish Chronicles will give a talk to Leviathan visitors. His talk is titled, “Hazard in Nautical Fiction: Facets of Courage and Fear”.

The Dawlish Chronicles star Nicholas Dawlish, a British naval officer as the British Empire reaches its apogee in the late Victorian period. The Age of Sail is dying slowly and Dawlish is building his career in the new era of steam, ironclads, heavy guns and torpedoes that’s replacing it.


Antoine commented, “The challenge to any novelist is to keep the reader asking, “What happened next?” and this demands that  characters are placed in unavoidable jeopardy, physical, moral or both. In nowhere is this more relevant than in nautical fiction for its background is an element that can never be taken for granted. These themes will be explored by reference to the very different challenges posed in each of the four Dawlish Chronicles novels.”

In addition to his talk, Antoine will run an interactive workshop for up to 20 people on the craft of plotting a nautical adventure novel, “A Novel Approach – from Idea to Plot.”

More information on Antoine’s work, including the Dawlish Chronicles, can be found here.


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