Philip Hoare joins Weymouth Leviathan programme

We are over the moon to announce that Philip Hoare will be at Weymouth Leviathan, providing festival goers with a fascinating interpretation of his latest book, The Sea Inside.


An experienced broadcaster and curator, Philip wrote and presented the BBC Arena film, The Hunt for Moby-Dick, and directed three films for BBC’s Whale Night.  He is Professor of Creative Writing at the University of Southampton, and Leverhulme Artist-in-residence at The Marine Institute, Plymouth University, which awarded him an honourary doctorate in 2011.

In The Sea Inside, Philip sets out to rediscover the sea, its islands, birds and beasts. From the Isle of Wight to the Azores, from Sri Lanka to Tasmania and New Zealand, he navigates between human and natural history, between science and myth. He asks what the stories he encounters mean for us now, in the twenty-first century, when the sea has never been so important to our present, as well as to our past and future.

The Sea Inside is part bestiary, part memoir, part fantastical travelogue. It takes us on a magical journey of discovery, filled with astounding tales of faith and fear, wilderness and destruction, mortality and beauty. But more than anything, it is the story of the natural world, and the sea inside us all.


Philip also wrote Leviathan or, The Whale. for which he won the 2009 BBC Samuel Johnson Prize for non-fiction, and is co-curator, with Angela Cockayne, of the Moby-Dick Big Read, which is also featured on our programme.


2 thoughts on “Philip Hoare joins Weymouth Leviathan programme

  1. As a popular Weymouth Museum of coastal defence, We are happy to be part of your festival as a venue. We host many cultural community events throughout the year and are keep to support initiatives particularly with a maritime theme. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss further.


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