Real life bothersome? Sail away with Nicola Rodriguez

Nicola Rodriguez, Ship Inn, ‘Sail Away: How to Escape the Rat Race and Live the Dream’, The Ship Inn Sunday 13 March, 14:00 – 15:00

Would you like to sail away from it all for a long, long time? This interactive talk will cover all the practical guidance you need to buy a yacht and sail away, out onto the deep blue sea to your dream destination.

Sail away

Nicola and her husband set set sail from the Hamble and straight into an intense learning curve. Their crew jumped ship in Dartmouth but the couple carried on to Gibraltar and onwards through Atlantic storms and the destruction of their yacht in Grenada.

And so, a new boat, and their second experience of leaving the Hamble. This voyage headed towards the Med via the French Canals, and then another ten thousand miles to the West Indies, Bahamas and USA.

As if sailing was not challenge enough, during their 8 years voyage their two sons were born.

Nicola’s book, ‘Sail Away: How to Escape the Rat Race and Live the Dream’, published by Fernhurst books, gives illustrated, practical guidance for anyone planning extended sailing passages.


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