Barbara Tomlinson, ‘Rock and Tempest’, Royal Dorset Yacht Club, Sunday 13 March, 09:30 – 10:30


Today is ‘International Women’s Day’ so we thought we’d highlight one of our six, female guest speakers. Barbara Tomlinson was for many years Curator at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, and is now Curator Emeritus.

Barbara will talk about heroism during shipwrecks and the heroism of lifesavers, how they have been commemorated and how that reflects social changes over the past 200 years.

Her book, ‘Commemorating the seafarers: monuments, memorials and memories,’ discusses memorials – stained glass windows, church, cemetery and public monuments – that commemorate British seafarers, shipbuilders and victims of shipwreck from the sixteenth century to the present.


Memorials vividly illustrate the hazards of seagoing life and the impact these had, both upon the family of the deceased and the general public. Barbara’s book includes stories of high status and popular memorials, showing how the depiction of losses at sea were transmitted.

Please come along to what is going to be fascinating talk from one of the world’s leading experts in the field.



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