***This page currently contains information about the 2016 festival. The 2017 festival will take place on 25 – 26 March. As soon as this page is updated for 2017, this message will be removed.***

The Leviathan

As winter turns to spring, Weymouth, host town of the 2012 Olympic sailing events, is the perfect venue to find inspiration for the season ahead through a celebration of the best maritime writing.

Meet Britain’s greatest maritime authors. Find out about the challenges they’ve personally met, the achievements of others they’ve described or the practical guidance they’ve offered. They’ll connect you with their own writing, as well as rekindle memories of some of the all-times classics.

Brian Lavery · Philip Hoare · Tom Cunliffe · Dr James Davey · Barbara Tomlinson · Richard Dunn · David Childs · J D Davies · Emma Bamford · Sam Jefferson · Julian Stockwin · Antoine Vanner · Sam Llewellyn

Fiction, non-fiction and guides, whatever your interest, the best of the best will be here at Weymouth Leviathan to set you on the perfect course.

Take a look at our programme page and buy tickets to the events you’re interested in here:

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If you love the sea and books, you’ll love Weymouth Leviathan.


Weymouth Leviathan is run on a not-for-profit basis by a team of volunteers:

Honorary Chairman and jolly good chap – Vice Admiral, Sir Fabian Malbon, KBE

Festival director and head of swan-like multitasking – James Farquharson

Head of festival programme and pop-up booskhop – Ann Newman

Head of venues and operations – Baron Miles

We’d like to offer a huge thank you to our sponsors, who’ve made the festival possible: thank you!

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We’re also grateful for the support of  Weyforward, whose ‘Idea League’ site was the place where we first logged the concept for the festival back in October 2014, and whose members are now actively supporting its delivery.