The Word and the Sea at Holy Trinity

Whatever your religious outlook, there’s no denying the power of the language that can be heard reverberating around places of worship. Christianity and perhaps especially our island’s Church of England has long had a special relationship with the sea. We invite festival goers to take a few moments to visit Weymouth’s Holy Trinity Church on the harbour bridge to […]

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Maritime History at Weymouth Leviathan

We didn’t set out for Leviathan’s programme to have such a strong maritime history stream, but that’s indisputably and gloriously what we’ve got. For millennia, stories brought home from ocean voyages were their age’s science-fiction. Villains sailed beyond morality and the law, heroes pure and contradictory arose, catastrophes struck, new worlds were discovered and the unimaginable became real. From monsters of the Jurassic […]

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‘The Fisherman’s Daughter’ children’s theatre production commissioned by Weymouth Leviathan

We’ve a lot of great stuff to announce for young readers over the next few days but first, here’s the biggie: Weymouth Leviathan maritime literary festival has commissioned the award winning AsOne Theatre Company to create a children’s theatrical production based on themes of the sea and reading. The production, ‘The Fisherman’s Daughter’, will première at […]

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Tickets go on sale!

We’ve pressed go on our online ticket sales system and we’ll have physical tickets for over-the-counter sales available at the Royal Dorset Yacht Club from the evening of 1st December. A perfect Christmas present for your loved ones. This is where the festival of our imagination is tested against the reality of your interest. Fingers crossed this […]

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