***This page currently contains information about the 2016 festival. The 2017 festival will take place on 25 – 26 March. As soon as this page is updated for 2017, this message will be removed.***

Eventbrite - Weymouth Leviathan: Maritime Literary Festival

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You too can sponsor the festival!

Maritime literature is a vibrant genre of interest to a large and well-educated audience. Weymouth Leviathan is the focal point for that interest in the UK. If your company would like to be associated with Leviathan, we’d love to hear from you.

The festival is run on a not-for-profit basis by a team of dedicated volunteers. All the money sponsors contribute is used to cover expenses associated with promoting and running the event.

We’re looking for an event-name sponsor and have a range of other packages so that companies big and small can ‘come on board’.


Your brand will become part of the festival’s name, as in ‘Your Company Name Weymouth Leviathan’.

This means your company name and branding will feature prominently wherever Leviathan is publicised, including advertising, media coverage, and on the festival’s website and printed information.

As our lead sponsor, you’ll also be invited to take an active part in directing the structure of the event to maximise the benefit to you of your investment.

The festival is yours: let’s make it work for everyone together.


We’re liked to offer a range of companies the opportunity to use the festival to prominently promote their brand to festival goers and across our marketing activity.

Your sponsorship could be directed to support the festival as a whole or, due to interest in a particular venue or event, be focussed in a single direction. We’re happy to discuss options with you.

In addition to any specific arrangements agreed, your company name and branding will feature prominently in all of our media advertising, as well as the festival website, posters, programmes, brochures and venue signage across the venues and harbourside.

You’ll be welcome to position marketing materials, e.g. pop-up banners and brochures, in festival venues.

If you’d like to introduce a specific event and say a short, preferably entertaining, word or two to introduce your company and the talk, that’d be great.

We’ll make sure your name and any messages you’d like promoted are regularly featured on our social media profiles. You’ll also be cited as a sponsor during announcements made at festival events .

We’ll provide your company name to journalists reporting on the festival so you may also appear in festival media coverage.

Finally, you’ll of course receive complimentary tickets to festival events, some of which we anticipate will otherwise be as rare as a unicorn’s horn, and be invited to our VIP ‘speakers and sponsors’ soirée on Saturday evening in the Royal Dorset Yacht Club.

First Mates

A ship with a good First Mate is a well run ship. We’d like more than one.

We’ll need some practical help and materials to run the festival. If you can provide something that will support the events, not only will we be extremely grateful, your company name will appear on our website and printed material.

Contact us to discuss coming on board as a sponsor or share any ideas you have.